Fun packed tennis lessons in Reigate, Surrey for kids aged 2.5 to 11 years

‘’You can’t be serious!’’

Well you can….

Serious about having fun.

And that’s our mantra at Tennis-4-Kids.

We believe fun should form the basis of any learning for young children, especially when it comes to sport, which is why our classes can be enjoyed by, and are beneficial to toddlers as young as two. Our cleverly crafted fun and games-based approach means children attending our tennis classes in Reigate, Surrey learn tennis techniques without even realising it.

Tennis-4-Kids also provide tennis lessons within schools

Tennis 4 Kids Testimonial
“The way you teach is so infused with fun that it did not feel like learning at all’’
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Giving your child an advantage

We offer so much more than tennis techniques. Sports based activities for young children offer a host of other proven benefits. Fitness, confidence, fine motor and hand eye co-ordination, team work, sportsmanship, discipline and sports etiquette, the ability to understand winning and losing – and we could go on. We give children the opportunity to gain an early interest in tennis as they learn key skills through entertaining and inspiring tennis sessions.

We offer safe, fun tennis classes after school, during term-time, in Reigate, Surrey. Using soft balls and specialist small racquets, we build tennis skills in even the youngest children through repetitive moves captured within fun and easy to understand games. At a young age your child will grasp the basics of forehand, the ability to serve, know how to win a point and as they progress, play singles and doubles. Our coaches are highly experienced and skilled in working with and engaging young kids, led by our passionate, fun focused skilled tennis player and director Gordon Wood.

“Thanks so much for all your efforts with the boys – we feel they have a good grounding in tennis now’’
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Tennis 4 Kids Testimonial

Tennis classes

Serving all ages and all abilities

Select your child’s age from the options below to find out more…

Tiny Tots

For pre-school children aged 2.5 to 3 years

They may be tiny, but they can achieve big things! Our approach to tennis for tots involves bringing you and your child together in fun, tennis skills-focused sessions that offer lots of laughs, a great introduction to tennis and a variety of exercises which gently introduce different tennis moves.


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  • Parent assisted classes
  • Early introduction
  • Exercises to introduce volley and forehands
  • Provides healthy cardiovascular exercise
  • Encourages quick and strategic thinking
  • Develops better hand-eye co-ordination
  • Learn through games and lots of fun
  • Outdoor & indoor venues for all year round play
  • DBS Clearance for your peace of mind

Little Aces

For children age 3 to 4 years

We know that little children can achieve a lot! Even at age 3-4 we start to develop key tennis techniques in our little Aces. All based on games, exercises, variety and fun, you’ll be amazed at the skills your child will display.


Tuesdays 4.00pm at Donyings leisure Centre, Linkfield Lane, Redhill RH1DP View Map

Wednesdays 4.00pm The Redhill United Reformed Church, Shaws Corner, Hatchlands rd, Redhill RH16AU View Map

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  • Racket grip
  • Body positioning
  • Ground strokes
  • Volleys
  • Drop hit serves
  • Taught through fun and games
  • Outdoor & indoor venues for all year round play
  • DBS Clearance for your peace of mind

Junior Champs

For children age 5 to 6 years

For young school age children, our sessions involve fun, games-based activities with engaging, experienced coaches. Your child may be a beginner or building on what they’ve already learnt in pre-school tennis classes. Either way, our Junior Champs start to show an impressive understanding of tennis techniques and develop a strong interest in tennis, even at this young age.


Details Coming Soon.

  • Develop their strokes
  • Begin rallies
  • Introduction to match play
  • Develops better hand-eye co-ordination
  • Learn through games and lots of fun
  • Outdoor & indoor venues for all year round play
  • DBS Clearance for your peace of mind

Grand Slammers

For children age 7 to 11 years

In our Grand Slammers programme, we start really developing our young tennis players. Our most advanced session, the approach is still very much based on fun, but with a much increased emphasis on developing the key techniques that will see your child become more skilled, tactical, confident, competitive and with a love for tennis that will last.

Our experienced Coaches are experts in engaging with children and building tennis skills and confidence in an irresistibly fun and inspiring environment.


Details Coming Soon.

  • Tactics
  • Techniques and drills
  • Singles and doubles matches
  • Top spin on ground strokes
  • Prepare the children to progress to a full-size tennis court
  • Outdoor & indoor venues for all year round play
  • DBS Clearance for your peace of mind
Tennis 4 Kids Testimonial
“You really are a VERY good teacher. You truly have the right balance of all the elements needed’’
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When it comes to inspiring and engaging kids, we absolutely smash it

Owned and run by Gordon Wood, the whole focus of Tennis-4-Kids is teaching tennis skills through fun. As an experienced player with a 25 year long coaching career, Gordon has experience of teaching tennis all around the world. Having travelled and coached extensively in Canada, America, South Africa, and Australia, Gordon is naturally talented at working with children of all ages, inspiring them with clever techniques and carefully devised games that leave children wanting to return year after year as their tennis skills mature and develop.

As a member of the British Tennis Coaches’ Association, Gordon loves nothing more than to pass his passion and enthusiasm of the game onto new generations.

Why tennis classes for children are a win-win

  • Provides healthy cardiovascular exercise leading to bone and muscular strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Helps with gross and fine motor skills through handling the racquet, different shots and developing muscles through running and hitting movements
  • Helps develop a sense of healthy competition, winning and losing, sportsmanship and etiquette
  • Encourages quick and strategic thinking, in learning how to score points
  • Develops better hand-eye co-ordination, a useful foundation for many other sports

How tennis-4-kids creates little champs

  • We create skilled, confident, happy little tennis players
  • Our Coaches are experienced, skilled players
  • Our Head Coach and Director has played and coached all around the world
  • Play indoors and outdoors so classes can run all year round
  • Convenient classes held after school in term time
  • Play with soft balls and large racquets, progressing as the children’s skills develop
  • We have DBS Clearance and Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind
  • We love tennis, and we make sure your kids love it too!

The ball’s in your court….

If your looking for tennis lessons for your little champs in Reigate, Surrey, call us now on 07877 391 005
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“Hey son loves the classes. I love how enthusiastic he is to show off what he has learnt!’
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Tennis 4 Kids Testimonial

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