Tennis courses for schools

A well-rounded education

Just as you’ll believe in a well-rounded education, I believe in a well-rounded approach to teaching tennis. That’s why my highly acclaimed tennis courses are filled with fun and variety which keeps children engaged and develops a wide range of sports skills

We’re unusual in starting children early, from age 2.5, all the way through to 11.

But we believe it’s never too early for children to start developing skills of agility, stamina, motor skills, sportsmanship and confidence,
all of which equip them to achieve in other aspects of their life.

They’re all champs to us

Of course, tennis is a competitive game. But the focus of our sessions is entirely on fun, and the children gain a strong foundation for tennis without realising it. As they grow older we witness the emergence of a love of tennis and many children stay with us throughout their junior school years. We focus on achievement, and many parents have pointed to our sessions being instrumental in developing their child’s confidence.

We’re already delivering tennis courses in a number of schools around South East London, and we’d love to work with more.

You’ll find us professional, with excellent standards of teaching, able to engage and connect with the children and certain to serve up exceptional feedback from parents.

In addition to our fantastic tennis coaching, we are delighted to offer schools;

  • FREE taster session/workshop on offer to your school so you can see what we can do
  • 10% donation to your school PTA/fundraising committee from courses where six or more children attend
  • We would be delighted to discuss sponsoring a Sports Cup or other sponsorship options
  • Professional coach with 25 years’ experience of teaching all round the world
  • DBS Clearance
  • Safe, soft balls provided
  • Age-specific racquets provided
  • Happy to hold courses all year round, indoors and outdoors
“‘You have done so much for William’s overall confidence. Our boys have a love of the game which will stay with them always. Your role in that cannot be under-estimated. “With Gordon” was where it all started’’.
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Tennis 4 Kids Testimonial

When it comes to inspiring and engaging kids, we absolutely smash it

Owned and run by Gordon Wood, the whole focus of Tennis-4-Kids is teaching tennis skills through fun. As an experienced player with a 25 year long coaching career, Gordon has experience of teaching tennis all around the world. Having travelled and coached extensively in Canada, America, South Africa, and Australia, Gordon is naturally talented at working with children of all ages, inspiring them with clever techniques and carefully devised games that leave children wanting to return year after year as their tennis skills mature and develop.

As a member of the British Tennis Coaches’ Association, Gordon loves nothing more than to pass his passion and enthusiasm of the game onto new generations.

Why tennis classes for children are a win-win

  • Provides healthy cardiovascular exercise leading to bone and muscular strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Helps with gross and fine motor skills through handling the racquet, different shots and developing muscles through running and hitting movements
  • Helps develop a sense of healthy competition, winning and losing, sportsmanship and etiquette
  • Encourages quick and strategic thinking, in learning how to score points
  • Develops better hand-eye co-ordination, a useful foundation for many other sports

How tennis-4-kids creates little champs

  • We create skilled, confident, happy little tennis players
  • Our Coaches are experienced, skilled players
  • Our Head Coach and Director has played and coached all around the world
  • Play indoors and outdoors so classes can run all year round
  • Convenient classes held after school in term time
  • Play with soft balls and large racquets, progressing as the children’s skills develop
  • We have DBS Clearance and Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind
  • We love tennis, and we make sure your kids love it too!

The ball’s in your court…

To let the fun and games commence with a FREE taster session, contact me now.

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To let the fun and games commence with a FREE taster session, contact me now.

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